Nakanari skitty custom & Spiki * Adult Crayon Tee

Just like the Skitty painting, Skitty is done with 100% acrylic paint with a brush. Multiple layers of clear coat is applied in the end to give Skitty the finishing touch. This is how Nakanari rolls with his art.

Skitty may look like Hello Kitty but don't let her looks fool you. You will be her victim if you think she's cute and innocent. She's sexy and evil. She knows the meaning of party. Don't be expecting Skitty to be a homemaker. She wants her own independence.

Skitty will be available on the Mai Hiro online shop(http://maihiro.bigcartel.com/) 7/13 . Only 3 available. Each Skitty may have difference from each other like all customs. Don't miss the chance to own Skitty and make her part of your collection.

sexy and evil,

PRODUCE® Design Team has collaborated with Nakanari to produce a“CMYK”Adult Crayon Spiki color way.
both also collab with a super limited edtion tee for this sepcial event for MaiHiro The Show/

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